ESG Alliance session at SPIEF 2022


For Russia, turning to the East today is especially important due to possible changes in economic orientation, search of new markets and investments. At the same time the eastern region is still a grey zone talking about Russian business understanding its specifics, for example, regulatory ESG requirements of the asian investors which play one of the most important roles and impact on the ability of companies to improve their attractiveness for investors. 

During the session such questions will be raised as: 
  • Readiness of the economy to the ‘eastern turn’ from the point of transport and logistics infrastructure including regions of the Far East;
  • Financial sector activities to provide flexible transition in respect to cooperation with banks of India, China and SEA;
  • Goals and targets of representatives of Russian export-focused producers at the eastern markets with consideration of asian partners and stock exchanges requirements in relation to ESG compliance;
  • Request of business to the State in relation to measures which are needed  to be taken in order to attract investors at the new markets as well as provide realisation of new contracts with potential partners.