ESG Alliance brought founders together to discuss working plans and next steps.

The meeting’s target was to prepare for the first meeting of the Supervisory Board of the Alliance, which is planned to be held in May 2022 and will make the organisation's project work officially started. 

Founders discussed the agenda of the Supervisory Board meeting and drafts of the internal documents regulating ESG activities of the Alliance. Moreover, participants were provided with the updated plan of Alliance’s work with a short and midterm horizon of 20222 and with consideration of the specifics of the current political and economic situation. Plan was formed based on consultations with the companies-members of the Alliance, external representatives of major enterprises, experts and regulators and includes the following directions of work which are considered to be actual in the conditions of ESG transformation:

  • Fulfilment and strengthening of ESG infrastructure related to reporting, standards, ratings, certifications;
  • Research work in the national environment and also at the new markets;
  • Contribution to the improvement of the national ESG regulation including the Climate and Carbon agenda;
  • Development of a systematic dialogue with cross-country organisations at the new markets including BRICS, EAEU and part of ESA region as well as improvement of the cooperation with expert ESG communities of these regions;
  • Educational activity in the sphere of sustainable development focused on the country’s internal environment and broader target audiences.